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Ancient Spanish Monastery Wedding Photos

The Ancient Spanish monastery is without a doubt one of Houston’s most unique event spaces. Its old Spanish architecture and gardens truly define this space and allow it to create images that are particularly remarkable. As a Houston wedding photographer, it was an incredible pleasure to finally have the opportunity to work at this beautiful location. We cannot begin to tell you how many times we’ve desired to photograph a wedding on this property. Fortunately, the day arrived on one of the most unlikely months of the year for a wedding in Miami.

A Gorgeous July Wedding in Houston

The Houston typical wedding season is generally from October to May. These months usually boast some of our “nicer” weather for the year and therefore are usually the most booked months for weddings. However, in all honesty, here in Houston, there is really no such thing as a nicer part of the year aside from 3 or 4 days in the upper 60’s. This particular event took place in July and it actually turned out to be the perfect day for a wedding.

A rustic spanish wedding space perfect for that unique bride

The rustic setting of the Ancient Spanish Monastery was the perfect backdrop for this mid summer wedding. The ceremony was set under a beautiful oak just off to the right of the building entrance. Friends and family members traveled from all over to be a part of this union.

After cocktails in the gardens, the wedding party and guests headed into the monastery for dinner. The guests were seated within the 4 long corridors made of beautiful stone walls and gorgeous vaulted ceilings. This surrounded a garden and walkway in the middle. It was stunning, to say the least.

As the bride and groom greeted their guest and danced the night away, the sun set on the Ancient Spanish Monastery and the warm, tungsten light filly the space and ended the evening on an incredibly relaxing note.

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