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Engagement Photos Houston Texas

Engagement Photos Houston Texas

There are a lot of “artsy” places in the city of Houston where I really love to work. Each location has a unique signature and a personality all its own.

The location for this particular engagement shoot happened to be in the heart of Houston. As an artist, Wynwood for me is the perfect backdrop for all kinds of different photography styles and shoots. Taking the lifestyle approach, I simply followed Ignacio and Jennifer as they took in all of the sites of the intricate graffiti work this section of Houston boasts.

Organic and Uban Engagement Photos Houston Texas

Throughout the shoot, we browsed the walls on this almost unending outdoor art exhibit. Each detailed piece was as unique as the next and worked harmoniously into the romantic interaction between the couple.

To keep the feel for the shoot, we worked on the outskirts of Wynwood which presented the textures we wanted: urban and organic. There were certainly enough places to capture both.

As the shoot came to an end, when the sun was setting and the evening air was cooling, we decided to head to one last spot: the railway line that passes through the center of the district.

We took in the last few rays of the Golden Hour and into twilight to finish off the shoot with soft bright images that really bring together our style and our love for fine art photography.

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